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10-Year Protection and Solution for Your Home or Business!

Deep penetrating stain that lasts for years! Will NOT fade, chalk, or peel!

Seal, Stain, & Protect Concrete

Achieve vibrant, long-lasting color and protection for horizontal concrete surfaces! Use one or multiple colors to attain the design and look you want. The integrity of color will outlast other topically applied stains and is resistant to fading or darkening from environmental exposure. No secondary sealer is required, making the application simple!


  • Decorative concrete at an affordable price
  • Vibrant colors are U.V. resistant and will not fade, chalk or peel
  • Penetrating formula seals & protects from within the concrete
  • Allows concrete surfaces to breathe
  • Protects exterior concrete surfaces from food, oil and
  • Grease stains, weather, and freeze/thaw damage
  • Withstands pedestrian and moderate vehicular traffic

*Non-slip additives for increased slip resistance are available.

Standard Colors

Standard Colors

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