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Garage Floor Epoxy Resin FAQs


To ease your mind and guide you towards informed decisions for your residential or commercial property, Patriot Coatings is here to unravel the ins and outs of garage floor epoxy services in Kansas City, Denver, CO, Birmingham, AL, Chattanooga, TN, Tampa, FL, and Dallas, TX.

Get the most common questions answered right here!



Q: What Type of Concrete Coatings Do You Use?
A: Most projects are completed using 98-100% polyurea and polyaspartic coatings. We also provide epoxy and polyurethane coatings for large-scale commercial projects. In addition, we offer stains and sealants for exterior work, such as patios and pool decks.

Q: Is There a Warranty?
A: At Patriot Coatings, we stand behind our quality workmanship and premium products with a Lifetime warranty. Our warranty guarantees that your floor will not chip, peel, or delaminate and will not yellow or fade from sunlight.

Q: How Long Before I Can Use My Floor? 
A: Our concrete floor coating products boast some of the industry’s fastest cure times. After 12 hours of your application, you may walk on your floor. At the 48-hour mark, you may replace your furniture and belongings. You can return your vehicles after 72 hours if your project involves a garage floor.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Install? 
A: With prompt and efficient workmanship, we complete most of our projects, 2,000 sq/ft or less, in just one day. However, before beginning, we will collaborate to establish a solid timeline to ensure you feel comfortable and informed every step of the way.

Q: How Do You Prepare the Concrete?
A: Our experts pay meticulous attention to detail and use a diamond-grinding process to set your concrete up for success. This process eliminates existing coatings or blemishes, promoting maximum coating adherence and a seamless finish.

Q: Do You Tint the Base Coat? 
A: At Patriot Coatings, you’re in control of your concrete coating design. Our experts can tint the base coat of your coating to align with your style preferences. With our expansive range of pigments, base coats can be customized to complement or enhance your home’s existing aesthetic.

Q: How Do You Fix the Cracks? 
A: We begin by repairing and reinforcing the concrete. We will eliminate loose debris within the cracks to achieve a sleek surface. Then, we apply a durable mender to bond the concrete and restore its structural integrity, prohibiting the formation of future cracks and blemishes.

Q: Do You Fill In the Expansion Joints? 
A: Our concrete floor coating process does not involve filling the expansion joints, as altering them voids the warranty. We strategically apply the coating system around the expansion joints to uphold your concrete’s functionality and natural movement.

Q: When Is the Best Time of Year for Concrete Coating Services? 
A: Patriot Coatings offers residential and commercial floor coating services year-round. The timing of our installation depends on the condition of the exterior surface and the weather.

Q: Do Most People Do the Vertical Edges & Steps? 
A: While no two customers are alike, it is very common to opt to coat the vertical edges and steps when coating a nearby horizontal surface. This approach provides greater protection against damage, wear, and stains.

Q: Do You Level the Floor Before Concrete Coating Services? 
A: Our concrete coating services do not include concrete leveling. Our innovative products are designed to blanket the existing contours of the existing concrete surface. However, we prepare the concrete to eliminate cracks and blemishes before application.

Q: Do Concrete Coating Products Smell? 
A: Patriot Coatings uses low volatile organic compound (VOC) products. Our solutions are healthier, more environmentally conscious, and emit very little odor. The odor may be present during application but generally dissipates within 12 hours.

Q: What Do We Do With Our Belongings? 
A: Before your commercial or residential floor coating service, it’s important to clear the room or space of any belongings, equipment, or furniture. Larger areas may require a pod, U-Haul container, help from friends or family, or relocation on the property.

Q: Is It Up to Us to Move Our Stuff? 
A: You will be responsible for relocating your belongings before our team arrives for your concrete coating service. This streamlines your project by allowing our experts unobstructed access to your concrete surface. During our consultation, we will set a clear timeline that allows you to plan your temporary storage.

Q: What Do You Use to Clean Concrete Coatings? 
A: To preserve the strength and appeal of the polyurea and polyaspartic coating, you should periodically clean the surface to combat dullness, dirt, and scratches. We recommend using Dawn soap, Simple Green, or Pine-Sol with water and a squeegee.

Q: Can You Power Wash Concrete Floor Coatings? 
A: You may power wash your concrete floor coatings for a deeper clean. This method can be used periodically to blast stubborn stains, debris, and grime. However, it’s best to leave power washing to a professional company to avoid using the wrong pressure setting, which can result in premature damage.

Q: Is There Anything You Don’t Want to Get On It? 
A: Concrete floor coating solutions are incredibly durable and resilient but not entirely immune to damage. To mitigate premature wear, you must keep your concrete coating surface free of brake fluid, battery acid, and gasoline.

Q: Are Concrete Floor Coatings Stain-Resistant? 
A: Our concrete floor coatings are stain-resistant. They are crafted using a special blend of protective sealants that act as a barrier to prevent stains from penetrating the concrete’s surface.

Q: What Is the Most Popular Coating Color? 
A: Among our expansive selection are about five commonly sought-after color options. The most popular colors are often neutrals or traditional shades, including black and white.

Q: Are Concrete Coating Applications Slippery? 
A: Our concrete coating applications are slip-resistant. For indoor coatings, the floor itself has a great, non-slip texture. We add grip additive for outdoor applications to ensure the final results are as non-slip as possible.

Q: What Is Polyurea? 
A: Polyurea is an elastomer coating that sets the standard for flexibility and durability. It is four times stronger and ten times more flexible than conventional epoxy. Polyurea is suitable for environments susceptible to temperature fluctuations and heavy foot traffic while offering prompt installation and cure times to mitigate extended downtime.

Q: What Is Polyaspartic?
A: Polyaspartic is our non-porous, clear coat applied to the top level of our concrete floor coating systems. It is antimicrobial and antibacterial, contributing to a healthier, cleaner environment.

Q: What Are the Flakes Made Of? 
A: Our concrete coating systems are crafted with vinyl flakes. These flakes can be custom-tailored to align with various color and style preferences.

Q: How Does the Price Compare to Other Concrete Floor Coatings?
A: At Patriot Coatings, we offer competitive price points. However, this does not mean we offer the least expensive concrete coating option on the market. Our prices are cost-effective in terms of the value you receive.

Q: What Payment Methods Do You Accept? 
A: We accept payments via check, credit card, or financing to promote a stress-free and seamless payment process.

Q: Do most people do the vertical edges and steps?
A: Yes.

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