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At Patriot Coatings, we provide a 15-year warranty on all residential coatings!

Are you tired of concrete coatings that don’t stand up to the test of time? If you do an epoxy coatings kit – you will be lucky if it lasts longer than 2 years.

Do you want a coating that will protect your concrete surfaces from wear and tear while also looking great? Look no further than Patriot Coatings!

How Long Do Concrete Coatings Last?

Patriot Coatings specializes in polyurea basecoats and polyaspartic topcoats, offering the best durability and protection with a 15-year warranty on all residential coatings! These coatings are perfect for any concrete surface, from garages to patios to commercial floors.

Polyurea base coats provide an incredibly strong bond to concrete surfaces, making them resistant to chipping, cracking, and peeling. Plus, they have a fast-curing time, which means you can return to using your space in no time.

Polyaspartic topcoats, on the other hand, offer a beautiful, glossy, and smooth finish. They also provide superior protection against UV rays, chemicals, and abrasions, which means your surfaces will look great for years to come.

“The product, POLYUREA/POLYASPARTIC, is amazing and supersedes EPOXY by being 4X stronger and 10X more flexible, which makes it a superior product in the cold and hot temps!”

– Pamela

At Patriot Coatings, we understand that your concrete surfaces are an investment. That’s why we use only the highest quality Polyurea and Polyaspartic materials and offer a warranty on all our coatings.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to and see what we can do for you. Whether you need a coating for your garage, patio, or commercial space, we’ve got you covered. Get long-lasting protection and a beautiful finish with Patriot Coatings!”

If you keep wondering how long concrete coatings last: Patriot Coatings’ use of Polyurea base coats and Polyaspartic topcoats offer the best durability, protection, and aesthetics for any concrete surface. With a fast-curing time and superior resistance to wear and tear, these coatings are the perfect investment for any home or business. So why settle for a mediocre concrete coating when you can get the best with Patriot Coatings? Check out our website today and see what the fuss is about!