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Get the most common questions answered right here!


Q: How long does it take to install?    

A: Typically, 1-day. Most of our projects, 2,000 sq/ft or less, can be completed in one day. 


Q: How long before you can walk on it?  

A: We recommend waiting 12 hours before you can walk on it. 


Q: How long before you can drive on it?    

A: 24-36 hours.

Q: How do you prepare the concrete?    

A: We diamond grind it.

Q: Do you tint the base coat?     

A: Yes.  

Q: How do you fix the cracks?    

A: We grind them out and fill them with mender products.

Q: Do you fill in the expansion joints?    

A: No. It voids the warranty.

Q: Is there the best time of year to do it?    

A: No, we install year-round. Weather is dependent on the exterior.

Q: Do most people do the vertical edges and steps?    

A: Yes.

Q: Do you coat the front lip?    

A: We can; it's a personal preference.

Q: Do you do leveling?    

A: No, our coating follows the natural contours of the floor.

Q: Does it smell?    

A: The majority of the smell will dissipate after 12 hours. It's low VOC.

Q: What do we do with all of our things?    

A: Pod, U-haul container, U-haul truck, On the property, Neighbors garage


Q: Is it up to us to move our stuff?    

A: Yes.



Q: What do you use to clean it?    

A: Dawn soap, simple green, pine sol, water, and squeegee

Q: Can you powerwash it?    

A: Yes.

Q: Is there anything you don't want to get on it?    

A: Brake fluid, battery acid, gasoline.

Q: Does it stain?    

A: It's highly stain resistant.


Q: Is there a most popular color?    

A: Yes, there are about 5 colors that get chosen most often.

Q: Is it slippery?    

A: It's slip resistant. We can add grip additives if needed.


Q: What is polyurea?  

A: It's an elastomer. 4x stronger than epoxy and 10x more flexible.


Q: What is polyaspartic?    

A: It's a non-porous clear coat that's 100% anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.


Q: What are the flakes made of?  

A: Vinyl.



Q: How long is the warranty?    

A: 15 years


Q: What does the warranty cover?    

A: It guarantees the floor will not chip, peel, or yellow/fade from UV



Q: How does the price compare to other types of coatings?    

A: Our pricing is competitive but not the least expensive option.


Q: How do you pay for it?    

A:  card, check, or financing.

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